As much as we might like it to be so, your business processes and financial management won’t improve instantly by purchasing new accounting software. 

Once you have made the decision on [which accounting package is right for you], it’s important to set it up correctly, to match your business processes and categories, and to produce the output that is most meaningful. 

Accounting software tools are powerful, and can mean huge advantages for your business, however, they are also like an aeroplane, quite useless without a skilled pilot in the driver’s seat. 

Take the time to customise your software to your unique business needs and you will reap the rewards ten-fold.

Better return on investment 

Your accounting package is a long-term investment that you are putting money into. Often, you will pay the same amount whether you use the basic default options and reports, or you optimise your settings and create meaningful custom reports. So why not get more for your money and optimize your software to the max. 


Solutions tailored to your business 

Your business is unique. While you may have competitors in your field, no one else is doing exactly what you do. Even if you are using an industry-specific package it will never fit exactly to your business shape, structure and processes. 

Your accounting software CAN be tailored to your business, in multiple different ways, but it won’t work like that straight out of the box, we haven’t come quite that far with AI just yet! 

So, don’t miss out on the powerful potential of customization to save you time and stress.



It is scary to rely on a completely new system, especially when you are still learning it. Ensuring your system is set up correctly from the start (by an expert, if needs be) means you and your team can move ahead with complete confidence. 

This increased confidence also means less resistance to learning the new system, which we know can be a major challenge in many workplaces. 


Better Training 

A correctly set up system is a major win for training as you can teach the correct, categories, terminology and processes up front instead of people trying to figure things out on their own. This means everyone is working from the same page and can easily share the process with others. 


Less headaches 

Trying to find your way through a generic and complex system without direction is likely to lead to frustration and potentially generate major mistakes in your data and reports – neither of which is good for your business (or your sanity!). 

Protect yourself from errors and headaches by bringing in an expert to set up your software correctly.


A tool needs a Master 

Accounting software is a sophisticated tool, but it’s still just a tool. As mentioned in the aeroplane analogy above, it needs a driver, a pilot, a master. 

If that master is you or within your internal team, congratulations, you have the power in your hands to maximise all that your accounting software can offer. If not, there are experts who can work with you. 

If you need help with your software setup or require more assistance in choosing the right accounting system, talk with us today. 

Getting started with a new piece of accounting software shouldn’t be daunting or nerve-wracking — it should be exciting, a doorway to new possibilities and capabilities.  

We can help you make sure it is exciting, as well as connect you with a range of opportunities. All it takes is a professional setup, giving you the platform you need to move on to the next phase of your business development.  


Looking for professional setup services for your accounting software? Talk with us today.