Get the systems and data you need to grow a strong, healthy business with our financial controlling services.

Are you in control of your business finances?

Do you fully understand your business reports?

do you have a roadmap for where you are going?

Are you keeping track of your cash flow?

Manage your costs

Are you easily managing your debt repayments?

do you have a roadmap for where you are going?

Do you have a roadmap for where you’re going?

If your answers to these questions is ‘NO’, Financial Controlling @ Anconsult can help you lay the
financial foundations for a healthy business.

A Probiotic For Your Business!

Just as you look after your own health, you must look after your business’s health to be able to grow. But how do you keep your business healthy?

Let’s take your own body health. You want to stay healthy and listen to advisers who tell you to exercise regularly (fitness trainer), eat healthy (dietician) and get checked out regularly (doctor). But how do you keep up with it all in a busy life?

The same happens in your business. You need to:

  • keep your books up to date (a bookkeeper)
  • manage your money right (a financial advisor)
  • get your business analysed regularly (accountant).
probiotic for your business
What we do

But how do you know your business is healthy enough? Financial Controlling @ Anconsult is like the probiotic that works inside your body to:

  • fight nasties before they become a symptom that needs a doctor
  • strengthen your immune system, giving more energy to tackle daily problems
  • give you much more time because you’re not fixing problems every day.

You still need your support network: your bookkeeper, accountant, financial
advisor and others. But they will work together more effectively (and
inexpensively) when we set up systems to keep your business healthy from

Would You Like To Take Back Control Of Your:




Small business is fast paced with long days. You don’t have time to deal with invoices, bank reconciliations, expenses, bills and payroll.


We create a system that’s tailored to your business and your goals. It automates all your day-to-day transactions, saving you a lot of admin time.




You are great at what you do, but don’t feel confident about processing documents and data. You could be making mistakes.


We set up a system that uses the right software and tools for your business, so you can easily keep your figures up to date.




You need good data to analyse your business, find areas to improve and help you grow.
Inaccurate or delayed data can lead to bad decisions and missed opportunities.


We provide continuous, insightful data about your business and help you understand your numbers, so your business will run smoothly and use resources efficiently.




You work hard but still can’t pay the electricity bill. You are not sure where the money has gone and what will need to be paid in future.


Fortnightly reports will show you exactly where your money flows in and out. You will know that bills will be paid, and can confidently take up growth and expansion opportunities.

How healthy is your business?

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How To Improve Your Business’s Health

Financial Controlling @ Anconsult

Combine our financial controlling system with your day-to-day bookkeeping to confidently reach your goals.

Budgeting and forecasting

Develop a strategic plan for your business, so you can react to change quickly and more efficiently.

Business analysis

Identify your business’s needs and find the best solutions to your problems. 

Cash flow analysis

Get an accurate picture of where the money goes to avoid bill shock.

What our clients say

When I first started my first little barbershop in 2020, I never knew what goes into the back end of the financial stuff. I just knew how to cut hair and create a great environment.

When I first started getting services and help off Anconsult, it was a blessing. We have now grown our business to a bigger venue in just one year and with all doing so, we have created strong backing of systems and plans for all that financial stuff. I can now focus on growing the business confidently and faster! 

I can not thank them enough. They are consistent with communication and action. They really care for you and your business.

Nick Senam Founding Director of Civitas Co

With significant experience in business operations and a high-level Masters degree in Business Management, I understand better than most the role that accurate and timely financial information plays in ensuring sustainability and growth in the long term. 

Working with Anconsult, they have taken the time to understand my financial strategy and created a customised reporting structure that allows me to first see, and then easily interpret the financial data which matters most to me and my business.

 Since joining Anconsult and gaining deeper insights into the levers which are driving the profitability of our business model, I have been able to swiftly make evidence-based adjustments to our operations which have been the catalyst to increase our long term profitability position.

 Anconsult is a rare and valuable mix of a master of the craft and a service model that is built on a foundation of obsessing over their customer’s experience.

– John Hammond  Director of The Greenhouse Cafe and Cosmo Cafe  

“Running two restaurants on the Central Coast keeps me super-busy, so I wasn’t keeping track of my costs very well. Mainly cost of goods and labour costs. These are the costs that will kill a restaurant business if you don’t get control of them.

I heard about Anconsult, so I contacted them and got told about the ‘Financial Controlling @ Anconsult’s method. I learned how to balance cost and revenue and get control of my cash flow, which I hadn’t really done before.

Anja and her team were so great. I feel a lot braver about planning ahead and growing the business, and maybe finding new areas where I can invest and generate more wealth.”

Tara  (Meraki Group)

About ANConsult

Where it all began

In 2012, Anja Carruthers opened the first office of Anconsult Business Solutions on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. Back then, it operated as a BAS agency specialising in hospitality. 

Today, Anconsult has grown to a company of five core employees with a broad skill set of accounting, operation and administration knowledge.

Anconsult is now helping small operators make sense of their finances and get the information they need to confidently grow their business.

Sometimes it is just a small push in the right direction and a struggling business makes profit again. Hospitality is a tough industry to be in because you are dealing with people and their subjective perceptions. The sales in a restaurant are not closed when customers order– a lot can go wrong during a customer’s visit and that can lead directly to a bad reputation and decreasing sales.”