Stock Control is like putting a guard in front of your money bunker;

you need to control what goes in and out

  • Are you in control of your cost of goods?
  • Do you know your sales margin?
  • Do you know what stock sells and what stock sits?
  • Do you know what items you make the most money from?
  • Have you got your wastage, breakage and ullage under control?

This part of your business makes up at least 30% of your sales so it should be managed properly. We are aware that the cost of proper Inventory Software is out of reach for most small businesses and Stock Control Systems that are implemented in your POS software are mostly under-utilised because of the time it takes to maintain the system. So where do you find a solution that you can afford and that is working with you, not taking time away?

Efficient Stock Control has two characteristics:

  1. It has to produce live on-time results
  2. It has to be managed by systems you use anyway

If you have to enter data directly into the Stock Control System you will fail to keep it up to date- unless you have staff to maintain it for you and that’s a luxury a small business does not have.

If it takes too long to get it up to date, it will fail its purpose as well, because what does it help you today that you know how many bottles of wine you should have had yesterday?

We will implement all necessary steps that are feasible for your specific business to make you finally be in control of your stock.



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