How often are you changing staff?

Staff management can make or break your business

There are three stages in staff management that are equally important:


Getting Staff


Training Staff


Keeping Staff

(Anconsult is currently limiting training to Restaurant Front Of House only )

Here are some of the most frustrating scenarios:

  • You can’t get proper staff at all.
  • You can get staff, but you are too busy to train them properly.
  • You can get staff, train them but can’t keep them (this is the most costly).

Your FOH labour costs at least 14 cents of every dollar you earn! That is a lot of money– especially when you think that your profit in the end sits at about 3 cents per dollar earned. Why is Staff Management so underrated in hospitality?

Possible reasons are:

  1. Unqualified staff is easy to get– you put up an ad and all the currently unemployed students will apply for it
  2. Front of House skills are underrated– everybody can carry a plate from the kitchen to the table or pour a drink
  3. Attitude towards the job is generally bad– staff is just doing this job to finance their real career
  4. Customer don’t rate service– a lot of customers are coming to restaurants to eat, they don’t expect service , so whatever service they get they are happy.

But still we are throwing 14% of hard-earned money towards this area. Wouldn’t it be much better to get robots instead? They cost you money once and then they do their job– they don’t need encouragement, they don’t need to be supervised, they don’t need a break, they don’t need to be re-hired after three months. Perfect.

Unfortunately, it is not – automated restaurants had trials in America but the trend never really took off. Customers do like to be served and customers do realise more and more that good service makes the “eating” experience so much better.

We can work with you to analyse what staff you should have and then assess and train the staff that you do have. Just putting a focus on your human resources now will free up so much time and money for growing your business later.



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