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Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals from different backgrounds and professional experiences, bringing together a diverse skillset.

Our ethos is based on constant improvement in every area of Anconsult by been early adopters of new technologies and looking for new options to add value to our clients.

Anja Carruthers

Director & Financial Controller

With more than 40 years of experience in the financial and hospitality industry in Australia and Europe, Anja provides a wealth of experience and expertise in financial controlling and small business management.

Her senior roles in large hospitality groups and startups have enabled her to develop financial and operational systems that empower small business to be sustainably profitable.

Anja enjoys driving around Australia with her family during the holidays as well as writing. 

Marlon Medina

Head of Small Business

Marlon has 12 years of management experience at the helmet of different hospitality groups in Australia. Also, he has consulted digital strategy and operations for small businesses in the health care, safety and manufacturing industries.

As Head of Small Business, Marlon helps new clients with the onboarding to the financial controlling systems and adopt new technologies into their current workflow.

Marlon enjoys spending time with his young family, swimming and reading.

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