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Invoices stacking up?

Busy chasing money?

Is your supplier getting cranky?

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Small business, especially the hospitality industry can be a fast-paced environment. After a long day you often can’t sit down to take care of invoices, bank reconciliations, expenses, bills and payrolls.


Once the procedures are set up you will have a tool set that is adapted to your business’s circumstances and goals. It will save you time as it automates your day-to-day transactions.




You are brilliant at what you do- but do you really know how to process documents and its data? This will result in errors and ultimately inaccurate data.


We will implement the right software for your business to make it easy for you to keep your figures up to date




Your data is used for evaluating your business, finding new ways to improve and helping you grow. Wrong data can cause missed opportunities and missed financial goals.


You will have a real understanding of your numbers, ensuring overall efficiency of your business and guaranteeing an optimal utilisation of resources.




You are working your butt off and still can’t pay the electricity bills. Not understanding where the money flows that is supposed to be your profit causes frustration and lack of motivation.


Weekly reports of your business will give you better insights and transparency. This way new opportunities for growth and expansion can be implemented.



Financial Controlling is NOT time consuming!
Once it is set up, it is saving you time- guaranteed.


Financial Controlling is NOT another cost factor added to the pile of regular expenses!
Once it is set up it will do the job for you automatically.


Financial Controlling is NOT bookkeeping!
Please don’t fire your bookkeeper or BAS agent! We need her/him for the process.


Financial Controlling is NOT replacing your tax agent or accountant! Accountants usually have limited industry knowledge- we are working within your business operations.


Less financial stress = more time for other things = more money in your tinny


We bring the joy of earning better to you for your financial health

Business Analysis

Identify your business’s needs for the best outcome and determine solutions to problems. 

Debt Consolidation

The way out of the debt spiral can be hard. Make it easier to manage your payments.

Budgeting and Forecasting

React faster and more efficiently to changes with a strategic plan for your business.

Financial Controlling

Reach your business’s goals with structured processes and procedures.

Cash Flow Analysis

Get an accurate picture of your business’s cash flows, outflows and net charges.

Financial Planning

Finances are complex; just putting money to the side won’t help your business to achieve its financial goals.

What our clients say

After the visit from Anja from Anconsult our business figures made much more sense to me. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, because after paying all expenses there was not much left. Now I have a strategy and a budget and I know how to tackle day-to-day challenges to achieve my goal.

– Wyong, March 2018

Our business wasn’t doing too well. I didn’t have the skills to look into the numbers and to find out what caused the problems. I finally decided to reach out for help and found Anconsult. I couldn’t be happier about it as my business is growing and doing better than ever.
– Lambton, December 2017

The tool set is amazing! It was super easy to change over to the processes Anconsult implemented step by step in our business. Numbers and figures about our business were always a touchy topic for me; now I understand each single one and can react instantly to changes if I need to. This allowed me to cut costs and plan more efficiently for future projects. I feel confident to set bigger goals for our business.
– Cessnock, August 2019

We want your business to grow
and reach its fullest potential.

About ANConsult

Where it all began

In 2012 Anconsult Business Solutions opened its first office at the Central Coast NSW as a BAS agent specialising in the hospitality industry. Five years later in 2017, the office moved to the Maitland area and expanded its clientele from bookkeeping to CFO services and Financial Controlling.

With now over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping and hospitality management. Anja Carruthers is helping businesses not only locally but nationwide to make sense of their finances and to get them back on their feet.


Our Purpose

Our driving purpose is to make a difference to you and your business. Financial well-being is of great importance to live the life you want. This is our mission.


Our Values

Being the best at what we do. Our focus is always the success of our clients. We want to demonstrate that small business- especially the hospitality industry- is full of potential. This is the reason why we consistently keep up high standards to rapidly meet changing conditions.


Our Vision

Creating financial health for everyone in small business is our vision. Empowering more businesses to make better financial decisions to expand and grow.


Our Promise

With more than 30 years of experience in the finance and hospitality industry you are guaranteed the best skillset and abilities to lead your business to more profit!

“Sometimes it is just a small push in the right direction and a struggling business makes profit again. Hospitality is a tough industry to be in because you are dealing with people and their subjective perceptions. The sales in a restaurant are not closed when customers order– a lot can go wrong during a customer’s visit and that can lead directly to a bad reputation and decreasing sales.”

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